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#1 Realtor in Raleigh for RE/MAX in 2014, 2015, and 2016
#6 Realtor in NC for RE/MAX in 2016
#8 Realtor in NC for RE/MAX in 2015
#12 Realtor in NC for RE/MAX in 2014
Ranked in Top 2% of All REALTORS in US
16 Years in Real Estate

My Marketing Strategy

When I meet with potential home sellers in Raleigh, the first question they always ask is “what are you going to do to get my house sold?”  Let me begin by saying, it is different every single time.  I like make the analogy that marketing and selling a home in Raleigh is like fishing.  When fishermen plan a fishing trip, they make a decision to fish where they think they have the  best chance to catch fish, and what type of tackle and bait they will need to attract that particular fish.  Marketing a home is very similar.  With every home I market in the Raleigh area, I start out with a 2 step marketing plan that consists of estimating the property’s value and creating a marketing strategy that will attract the most buyers.  Let’s dig a little deeper into that process:

Appropriate Listing Price: I always strive to get my clients top dollar.  More importantly, I like my seller to know why I am suggesting a certain price.  I prepare a valuation of a home through the same process that an appraiser would.  I find the most comparable properties and make the necessary financial adjustments.  In addition, there are other details that must be taken into consideration.  Where is the market heading?  How much inventory is on the market?  How long has it taken the other homes to sell?  All of these factors play a role in pricing your home.

Marketing Strategy: Being both a buyer’s agent as well as a seller’s agent, I am familiar with the process that buyers use to find a home.  Therefore, I think that the single most important concept a seller must adopt is “how will a buyer find my house?”   Research shows that 87% of all buyers found their home on the internet and 85% used a Realtor.  Each and every marketing plan that I create is designed to attract the greatest amount of internet traffic and Realtor exposure.   As Laura and Aron said, “[we] knew [we] had some obstacles to overcome with it being a down market and competition among other sellers, but Wilson put together a stellar marketing package and really put his years of professional expertise to use. Within 60 days our home was sold and we could move on”. (read full testimonial)

So what if the fish aren’t biting? That is why they call it fishing, right?  Marketing a home is a hands on process.  I am constantly looking at buyer feedback, Realtor feedback, and internet traffic on all of my listings.  I adjust the marketing plan as needed.  Just as a fisherman tries different locations, tackle or bait, a Realtor must frequently tweak their marketing.

Got a fish on the line, now what? The sound of the fishing pole zinging is probably the greatest sound a fisherman hears.  Have you ever watched someone reel in a fish?  It doesn’t take long to see how good of a fisherman they are.  Watching your agent negotiate the price of your home, negotiate the home inspection and repairs, and coordinate the closing, etc is no different.  The problem is, you better hope that your Realtor can reel your fish in!

I pride myself not only on my ability to get top dollar for my client, but also on making sure the home closes.  That means knowing where the common problems arise, and how to prevent them.  Justin and Callie remarked how I “made it a painless process and when there was fire, [Wilson] put out the flames.”  The easiest way to solve a problem is to see it coming beforehand and be prepared.